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Industrial Plant Services

Plant Services
We provide labor, tradesmen technicians supervisors and engineers for plant shutdown and outages.

Conveyor Belt Splicing & Inspections
Splicing and repairs to all types of rubber belts. Detailed conveying equipment inspection services.

  • Hot vulcanized splicing
  • Mechanical splicing
  • Belt and conveyor Inspections
  • Repairs to conveying equipment
  • Mobile service

Rubber Lining Installation & Repair
Rubber lining and repair of tanks piping and vessels using only RubberSource quality rubber products.

  • Hot cured rubber lining of pipe, valves and fittings.  60” diameter autoclave located in Tamatave
  • Site rubber lining of vessels, tanks and equipment
  • Rubber lining repairs

Acid Brick Lining
We provide installation replacement and repair of brick in pressure vessels and autoclaves.

Complete scaffold services using the best quality materials and experienced scaffold labor and supervision.

  • Scaffolding design calculation, erection and dismantling in compliance with the European, North American and South African standards
  • Scaffolding Inspection

Refractory Services
We provide installation, replacement and repair of refractory linings in kilns, boilers, furnaces and incinerators.

  • Inspection and repairs of boiler, acid vessels, furnaces, lime and cement kilns, ball mills, chimney stacks, pulp and papermill storage tanks, etc
  • Brick setting
  • Floor tiling
  • Ceramic and fiber glass lining
  • Insulation work
  • Incinerators

Industrial Plant Supplies

Expansion Joints
Expansion joints for all industrial plant applications. Fabric type, metal bellows and rubber for applications up to 1100 C.

  • Rubber spool joints
  • Metallic bellows and flue duct
  • Non-metallic fabric joints
  • Metal hose

Industrial Gaskets
Gaskets for all industrial plant applications. Standard and custom Spiral Wound cut gaskets, sheet and sealants.

  • Custom made gaskets in all available sheet materials
  • Spiral wound gasket manufacturing in all materials Gasket surveys of OEM parts
  • Non-metallic, spiral wound, sheet gaskets
  • Custom made, non standard
  • Expanded PTFE sealant

Industrial Fasteners
Stud bolts and nuts in most standard materials including B7, B8, Alloys and Xylan coated Custom sizes made to order.

  • Stud bolts made to size from metric and imperial threaded rod
  • Grade 87, B8M
  • Xylon coated
  • Metric and Imperial

PexGol Durable Piping
Non-metallic corrosion resistant piping that is a direct replacement for CS, Alloy, HDPE and FRP. Rated from -50 to +110 C.

Industrial Valves/Instrumentation
Contact us for innovative valve solutions. We can supply gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves and special valves for high pressure, temperatures and slurries.

  • On site valve surveys
  • On site training
  • All types of industrial valves
  • Slurry and chemical service
  • Low and high pressure
  • Exotic materials

Plant Maintenance Materials

  • New Scaffolding
  • Refractory brick and mortar
  • Acid brick and mortar
  • Rubber lining and Adhesive
  • Conveyor belts and components

A Global Presence

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